Our Moral Compass: We the People

“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.”


    Diversity. Its definition means the condition of having or being composed of different elements. Think about it. When we prepare a meal there are a number of different ingredients. When they are separate, their specific taste obviously stands out. But when they are combined with one another, together, they become a true masterpiece. Each ingredient brings a necessary attribute to the other group of ingredients to make it into a delicious meal.

This holds true in the diversity of our people. Their diverse backgrounds, cultures and way of life provides us with a better understanding and a sense of appreciation towards other people”s differences. This is at the heart of what it means to be truly empathetic towards one another and by doing so, is in essence, what true beauty can be in our world.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware in your own life?

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