Our Moral Compass: Be Kind All of the Time

“Always be kind. If you see someone falling behind, walk beside them. If someone is being ignored find a way to include them. If someone has been knocked down, lift them up. Always remind people of their worth. Be who you needed when you were going through hard times. Just one small act of kindness could mean the world to someone.”


     Every February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. During this day such acts of kindness occur like paying for the coffee of the person that is either in front or behind you or dropping off a load of groceries to a local food pantry. What I want to point out is that this should not be limited to happening on one specific day each year as the spirit of being kind should be happening all of the time.

I know I have written random notes to my staff letting them know of a particular quality I admired about them or what they did specifically well in their classroom or for the school in general. No matter what position was held I tried to make sure whomever I worked with know how much they were appreciated. I’ve even had people tell me that they still have the notes I had written them years ago which made me feel good that it had such a positive impact on them and still did today. Kindness goes a long way and it usually can be the catalyst for someone else to pay it forward to make someone else’s day.

I love this quote as it embodies everything that you would want to acquire in becoming more socially aware. Kindness = empathy. How many times have we seen on TV or through a social media post an athlete falling down just before the finish line at a race and another athlete, instead of running past them, stops, helps them up and walks with them to reach the finish line together. Think of a student recognizing that a fellow classmate is left out of a group project because they are “different” from the other students and instead of ignoring them, they invite that student to join their group.

How many times have you been knocked down by life itself only to get picked up by someone else and they assured you that things were going to be ok? Like the quote mentions, we need to remind others of their worth and to let them know that just by being in this world they are making it a better place.  Sometimes depending on what they have previously experienced  or what they are currently going through this may be needed on a daily basis. This isn’t really hard to do. We just need to be more intentional about it and think back to how we felt when someone showed us a random act of kindness because you never know….your one specific act may be all the difference in the world to someone in need.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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