Our Moral Compass: Maintain Your Focus

“You’ve got to get obsessed and stay obsessed.”

-John Irving

     Obsession means to fill your mind with something continually. Now there is more to this definition but I stopped right there with the word continually because the rest of the it’s characteristics can lead someone to go towards unhealthy extremes both physically and emotionally when becoming too involved in something.

So as a disclaimer: Please make sure that you practice self-care in making sure you take time each day to unplug from the daily grind because if you don’t, you won’t be at your best for yourself or anyone else.

What is something that you are obsessed with? Working out? Losing weight? Gender equality? Getting your book published? Paying off your debt? The list can go on and on. There should always be something that drives you and motivates you to work toward certain personal goals. In my case it is to inspire others to improve their own moral compass through the five areas of Social Emotional Learning. Hence the reason for this blog, podcast and soon hopefully a book. Just my sheer will for helping others make this world a better place is enough inspiration for me to keep producing content.

In order to maintain my “healthy” obsession I read all that I can on Social Emotional Learning through articles, social media, books and listening to podcasts. As I continue to gain more knowledge in this area I begin to apply it towards what happens at work and at home because what is not applied is lost. By doing this I am able to stay “obsessed” with this topic and for me it has become more of a want and I do not look at what I do as something I have to do but what I get to do. And that is what I think is what a “good” obsession has:  a true purpose in serving the greater good.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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