Our Moral Compass: Everyone is A Critic

“If you absolutely can’t tolerate critics, then don’t do anything new or interesting.”

-Jeff Bezos

     It is a rare occurrence that when you start embark on a new journey or give your opinion on something (controversial or not) you will always encounter critics.  The challenge is how you handle yourself when that someone shares with you their unfavorable opinion. I often tell my daughter when she faces this in high school to consider the source. Are they an expert in whatever the shared their opinion on? Does it affect them in any way as to what you are doing? Answers to both of these questions are usually a “no.” Enough said.

If we decided never to venture out and try anything new or interesting imagine how boring life would be. All because we were afraid of what people might think or say. We would go through life with nothing but doubts floating in our heads wondering what might have been if we had just taken that leap of faith. I don’t want that to happen to you as I used to be my own worse critic which I think we can all attest to at certain points in our lives.

This purpose of today’s message is two-fold. We discussed about not listening to critics (including yourself) and don’t let anyone’s opinion prevent you from reaching your dreams and full potential. The other side of this is not to be “that critic.” If you don’t like to be criticized in a demeaning manner, you need to be more empathetic towards others and their dreams and desires and when you do criticize do it in a more tactful way. For example, if your child wants to go pursue a certain career that you may not want them to because they are not needing to go to college for it, it’s not your choice. Yes have your opinion and give them options to consider but don’t criticize their reasoning as to why they want to do what they want to do. At the end of the day the choice is theirs and not matter what the outcome they need to learn from it: good or bad. If someone votes for someone whose views are different than yours, again its fine to share your opinion and give them reasons as to why you think their opinion is not correct but no one should be shamed into feeling bad for their decision because it is their choice.

If we take the time to pause before immediately jumping to criticize to something and actively listen to what someone says there would be less hurt feelings. We need to appreciate our different viewpoints and respect one another in order to become more socially aware and grow as individuals.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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