Our Moral Compass: And the Truth Shall Set You Free

“We have to choose—do we stand with those who wish to suppress the truth or stand with those who seek it?”

-Morgan Freeman

     In responsible decision making we will always be faced with analyzing situations that come before us and needing to make a choice. Morgan Freeman brings this to light in today’s quote as it relates to the truth. As we know, when we talk about truth it is dealing with something that is either a fact or belief that is accepted as being true. And this doesn’t mean that the truth is always necessarily a good thing or something that may in fact hurt either ourselves or someone that we love. So that brings his question to light: Do we stand with those who wish to suppress the truth or stand with those who seek it?

The answer to this question I believe depends on the person who is making that decision and what in fact that particular truth actually is being revealed. Those that have a strong foundation in the other areas of Social Emotional Learning: self awareness, self management, social awareness, and relationship skills, have in my opinion, a greater sense and direction of standing with those who seek the truth no matter whether it is good or bad. I believe in this because they themselves are comfortable in their own skin so to speak and have enough of their own social and emotional tools within their tool belt to handle the impact of whatever that truth entails. If there is a person that is struggling in multiple areas they may do whatever they can to suppress or prevent the development dissemination of that truth.

Now when it comes to certain truths, things typically depend on whether that truth will reveal a positive or negative consequence and also whether or not that organization or person wants to be associated with it. No one that I know of would ever shy away from a truth that brings to light a positive outcome. For example, the Me Too movement continues to serve as bringing to light the truth, no matter how painful it has been for those women who have been mistreated, the injustice and wrongdoing done by certain men. Because those women had the courage to come forward and tell the truth it will help others who may have been afraid to come forward do so. Now it a certain truth could have a negative outcome and result in damaging a company’s or even their own personal reputation, they may do whatever they can to make sure that that truth never comes to the surface. Just look at the Enron case from a little over 10 years ago. This is just a testament that the truth always has a way of coming out not matter how hard you try to suppress it. Just remember…..no matter the outcome, the truth will set you free and the choice of what side to be on is always yours.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your responsible decision making skills?

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