Our Moral Compass: Everyone’s Kryptonite

“Anger only freezes and weakens us.”

-Emmanuel Macron

     One of the most unflattering emotions that anyone can display is that of anger. Anger is that type of an emotion that when you are experiencing it in that moment, you really have no self control. Besides what is the benefit of anger? Do we get what we always want as a result of it? No. Do we often wind up hurting others in the process when we lose our cool? Yes. So really this type of emotions benefits no one.

With anger it violates may of the descriptors that we try to master when it comes to self-management. You lose your ability to control your impulses and are quick to snap at someone when you become angry. Your stress level reaches uncontrollable heights which means does not bode well for your own well being. Often anger comes from something that is outside of your control. It does not bring forth any joy or warmth to anyone involved but rather weakens a relationship between yourself and whoever else is involved. Worst yet, anger damages your character.

We must remember we need to always be mindful of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors at all times. By no means am I saying this is easy. I find it a challenge myself to be consistent with that each and everyday. It is crucial to recognize when you are “off” and may be a little less tolerant of things than you normally are. That is why I have found doing some deep breathing helps or even excusing myself from a potential situation where I may lost my cool and need to collect myself.  By being able to self regulate helps me focus better and reset my emotions in a way to handle a potential stressful situation better. The key to self management is recognizing when you feel your emotions may be reaching a point that you could lose self control. When you do that you become a master of your own emotions which will lead to better outcomes in the long run.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards managing yourself better?

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