Our Moral Compass: Your Choice To Be Anything You Want To Be

“Be passionate. Be courageous. Be your best.”

-Gabrielle Giffords

     How we go about things in life is a choice. In essence we choose “to be.” We can choose to be miserable. We can choose to sad or we can choose to be not present in our relationship. But we do have the choice to be positive and do inspiring things too. We can be happy. We can be helpful. And we can be grateful.

We have all the power, all the control. I don’t know of anymore responsible decision to make than choosing how we are to conduct ourselves on a daily basis despite what goes on around us. To focus on what Gabrielle Giffords says in her quote we need to be passionate. So I ask you: how do become and stay passionate about something? Do you plan your daily activities around what you are passionate about in order to keep that momentum going? Movements are built on passion.

She also mentions to be courageous. What are ways that you have been courageous? How do you stare in the face of uncertainty and what the outcome Think about those that are struggling with substance abuse and finally come to the realization that they do in fact have a problem. They decide to seek help. That takes real courage.

Lastly she says to be your best. And this is one where you decide as what it means to  be your best. This is different for everyone as it depends on the person and what your are trying to be your best in. I try to be my best in being a good husband and father while trying to be the best administrator in supporting my staff and students. How do you be your best each and everyday?

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your responsible decision making skills?

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