Our Moral Compass: Our Pathways Are Limitless As Long As We Keep Moving Forward

“There are many ways of going forwards, but only one way of standing still.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

     Just keep swimming. That’s what Dory in Finding Nemo says throughout the movie. This simple but effective phrase reminds us that there will always be challenges in life but if we keep pushing onward we will get through many of the rough patches that we encounter. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s quote for today reminds us of this.

In our lives we have multiple pathways to choose from when we are trying to making a decision. It is important to understand that we do need to think through our possible choices before coming to a conclusion. And yes this would be where you would be considered standing still. The challenge is making sure that you do not remain standing still. Now that timeframe for making a decision will be dependent on the type of decision being made and the potential affects that this decision may have on other parties involved.

Remember the purpose of responsible decision making is being able to make constructive choices based on ethical standards, safety concerns and social norms. We identify a problem needing to be solved, analyze potential outcomes and weigh the options of those choices in order to reach the best decision. There is one other time that you may be “standing still” and it is often forgotten in our responsible decision making repertoire: the power of reflection. Reflection allows you to evaluate the outcome of that decision you made, to learn from it and determine how you may handle things in the future if a similar decision is needing to be made. Otherwise, if it is never done, you may make the same mistake twice in your decision making which could result in damaging the relationships that your decisions may have affected.

Remember as long as you keep swimming and moving forward, this will help to open the doorway to more opportunities and possibilities to help us make responsible decisions.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your responsible decision making skills?

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