Our Moral Compass: Focus on We

“Don’t get wrapped up in “why me.” Focus on WE. Encourage someone today.”

-Matthew Del Negro

     Ok let me be quick and to the point: It’s not about you. It’s never just about you and that is just a fact of life. Often times when things happen in life we have the tendency to respond with this common phrase of “Why me?” We fall into a negative thought pattern where anything bad that happens is only happening to us and this is not always the case.

When you are running late to work and are trying to make up up time by taking the expressway, you all of a sudden encounter a huge traffic jam and will be late for sure. You respond right away with the “why me” question. Are frustrated? Yes. Perhaps angry? Possibly. The question is are you the only only in this traffic jam? The obvious answer to this question is no. Others are stuck too. Other instances where you may have fallen into the “why me” trap: when it rains on your wedding day, getting a flat tire on your way to a job interview or being stuck in the house during quarantine. Again, you know you are not the only one that has gone through something like this so stop saying “why me.”

Matthew Del Negro’s quote warns us not to get caught up in that web of “why me.” He instead wants us to focus on WE and to encourage someone today. Social awareness allows you the opportunity to focus on the WE part and provide that encouragement that is necessary. I sincerely believe that we are here on this planet to serve others and not be served. Is it really worth it to be self absorbed and be at a pity party for one? Or is it going to make you feel better that you can positively impact another person by becoming an encourager to others, someone who looks at things through the other person’s lens and knows either the right thing to say or act in a way that makes that person feel special. In doing so their self awareness bucket will be overflowing with happiness and yours will most likely be too.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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