Our Moral Compass: The Keys To A Good Relationship

“Keys to a good relationship—to accept each other’s faults, to discuss and not argue, and always do you best to control your feelings when upset.”


     What are the most important ingredients in a successful and long lasting relationship? Today’s quote epitomizes this and what is needed. Acceptance. Communication. Self-Control.

Within any relationship, each side has their own imperfections or areas in which they need to continue to grow in. The key is not just their own individual acceptance of what those areas of weaknesses are but also that the other person that makes up the other side of that relationships accepts those same weaknesses wholeheartedly and without reservation or judgment. A relationship that cannot recognize or acknowledge one another’s faults and can take that person at face value, is not really a relationship at all.

Communication within any relationship is paramount by being open and honest if there is any hope of it lasting. Many relationships falter because they lack that clarity and many times discussions that start out as discussions eventually lead to arguments because either side forgets to look at things through the other person’s perspective and perhaps gets caught up in being the one who is right. Make sure to not to get caught up in the moment and keep the lines of communication always open.

There will be times in relationships when things are inadvertently said or done that may hurt the ones we care about or love. We need to remember to be mindful and recognize this before we get to that point and allow our emotions get the best of us. Self control in times of distress is crucial because it will serve no purpose in trying to hurt someone else because they hurt you first. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Relationships are hard work and require effort from both parties. They need to be healthy and like a car, receive tune ups from time to time in order to maintain itself and keep things running.  We need to be committed to one another in order for that relationship to grow and flourish.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your relationship skills?

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